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When you consider that nearly every corner store, restaurant or café offers coffee from which the millions of coffee consumers could purchase their coffee, you realize that in order to be successful in the coffee industry, you need to offer something unique. We believe that this uniqueness is in the freshness of the coffee you offer.

Consumers are now educating themselves on coffee and realizing that, much like wine, different gourmet coffees exude different characteristics and are best experienced fresh. They are yearning to have their palates stimulated, which unfortunately is not possible with most coffees available today.

It requires passion and commitment to provide exceptional gourmet coffee. We at King’s Coffee have that passion and love to share that passion with others. We care not only about our coffee, but also our customers and that’s why we will custom roast our coffee to your specifications! We know how individualized coffee tastes are and will work with you in developing the right coffees for your customers. We will roast the coffees you choose to whatever degree you prefer. Your success in the coffee industry is important to us and we will work hard in making sure you achieve it.

We use only the finest Arabica coffees from around the world and only roast to order, so your coffee is guaranteed to be of the highest quality and the absolute freshest you can buy.

You can also purchase your BUNN and JURA coffee equipment (brewers, grinders, servers, etc.) from King’s Coffee too! We can help you get the right equipment for all of your coffee needs.

Call us or email us at info@kingscoffee.io today for a customized quote!




Would you like to offer a line of superior, fresh roasted gourmet coffee for your gift shop or retail store? Perhaps you would like to offer King’s Coffee to coffee consumers in your area by becoming a King’s Coffee distributor. We offer reseller discounts for those interested in participating in either of these exciting new programs. You can choose from either ½ lb. (8 oz.) or 12 oz., or 1 lb. (16 oz.) bags. There is no minimum order required to qualify for a reseller discount to start. We are believers that you need to crawl before you walk.

Call us or email us at info@kingscoffee.io today to place your first order!