Honduras San Marcos – Medium Roast

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Region: Central America

Roast: Medium

Cupping Notes:

Our Honduran SHG (Shade High Grown) Marcala or San Marcos is grown at an elevation above 4000′ in the Copan Mountain region in the Western part of Honduras. We offer ths coffee as it is grown at a higher elevation than our SHG Ocotepeque and therefor it grows a little slower and the bean is a little more intense, more full bodied in the cup and like the Ocotepeque it is low on acid. This bean is one of our favorites and has long been promoted as a good starting point to try when first ordering coffee from us. After you try this as a base coffee then you may tell us what you would like different and we can advise you at that time on our other selections.


    Weight 1 lbs
    Bag Size

    12 oz, 16 oz

    Coffee Type

    Ground, Whole Bean




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