El Salvador – Blend Roast

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Region:  Central America

Country:  El Salvador

Farm:  La Prudencia Estate

Roast:  Medium

Cupping notes:  Citrus notes, Orange, Chocolate, and Caramel

Cupping Score:  85.5  this is in the top 10% of the coffees grown and harvested in the world

What makes this coffee so special?
  1.  Nine Coffees in One! – The farm where we purchase our Farmer’s Blend from grows 9 different varietals of coffees and blends them all into one! Hence, the name! This is so unique that we’ve never seen it before on any other farm in the world. It’s like a mixed greens salad of coffee! You get smooth coffee, earthy coffee, bold, mild, and floral types, all in one cup. It’s honestly pretty magical. You’ll have to try it and see for yourself!
  2.  Single Origin – This is a truly single origin coffee, from a single farm in El Salvador, “La Prudencia Estate.”
  3. Fresh Roasted – We roast all of our coffee in-house daily, and ship it freshly roasted to you, many times on the same day it was roasted! Fresh is better. Period. If you purchase coffee in a grocery store, it’s often the same great quality coffee that you could get in a local roaster, but it’s been sitting in a warehouse for awhile, and sitting on a shelf for who knows how much longer.


    Weight 1 lbs
    Bag Size

    12 oz, 16 oz

    Coffee Type

    Ground, Whole Bean




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