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A Portion of Your Purchase Will Go Towards Supporting Our Veterans and Their Families

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Have You Ever Sat Down and Really Appreciated Your Cup of Coffee? How It Tastes, How It Makes You Feel?

The lengths it took to give you that perfectly rich, velvety, aromatic magic. That’s our mission, every day – freshly roasted coffee, from the plant to the porch, in a matter of days.

If you’re a coffee connoisseur, a java lover, or just a caffeine addict, we know that getting your daily dose of heaven is always on your mind.

A portion of your purchase will go towards supporting our Veterans and their Families. Across America, tens of thousands of Veterans are asking themselves this SAME question… King’s Coffee is the answer! 

King’s Coffee in partnering with VetsWhatsNext Nonprofit Corporation 501 (c)(3) is about empowering and helping Disabled Veterans, Homeless Veterans, Service Members, and their families by providing consolidated services and resources that will allow them to reclaim their lives and economic stability. 

We LOVE coffee and our Veterans. When you want a cup of Joe – King’s Coffee is the way to go!


I’m often asked why I started King’s Coffee:

Well, I started King’s Coffee because of what coffee did for me after my injury from combat. 

During my time of recovery, coffee was life saving & therapeutic for me and many other wounded Veterans. It brought me & other combat wounded Soldiers together to talk and share our stories together during our darkest and lowest moments. It was somewhat of an ice breaker, a conversation starter. Those conversations saved many of us during a time we felt hopeless, depressed, guarded, guilty, and on the verge of giving up.

So King’s Coffee offers more than just a quality product, it’s the coffee brand to help save lives like coffee did for me.

Support King’s Coffee…we’re saving lives one sip, one cup, and one bag at a time.

Coffee. Country. Community. 🇺🇸 👑 ☕️